Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hmm... today's eats have been oatmeal with honey and bananas, random crudités (what a fun word!), and ze following pasta for dinner.
fettucine tossed with roasted chicken, sundried tomatoes and spinach in a light basil and goat cheese sauce. topped with crushed pepper and parmesan cheese. served with whole wheat toast.

i craved cream sauce pasta, but was aiming for something a little lighter than my go-to dish. today's sauce was simply olive oil, a sprinkle of flour, yogurt and milk, goat cheese, garlic and freshly chopped basil. every ingredient left its own imprint on the sauce.. after simmering for a bit the flavor became rich and pronounced. choosing fresh "ingredients with character" eliminates dependence on heavy fattening items to add taste, thus making it easy to cook delicious and healthy meals.

most of today was devoted to prep for lauren's cake (shout out to her for lending me her camera by the way :D) and once again on cake-building day, it was hot. heat certainly made things interesting and left me dreaming of air conditioning, spacious counters, big freezers... ahh, but more about the cake later.