Thursday, July 22, 2010

summer tea, take 2

look, better pictures of that iced tea concoction from earlier this week. i changed up the tea though, due to the fact that i ran out of the blueberry kind, oh no. but i wouldn't let that stump my efforts to stay healthy and cool this hot summer!

iced matcha green tea lemonade w/ ginger
  • water, 3 cups
  • ginger root, 3 tbsp (grated)
  • matcha green tea, 1.5 tbsp 
  • lemon, juice from one half
  • honey, 1/3 cup (i used meadowfoam honey)
in a pot, add water and ginger. bring to barely a boil then remove from heat. add matcha and stir well, then lemon and honey. allow to cool for several minutes while packing glasses to the brim with ice. while still somewhat warm, pour tea into glasses, serve and enjoy!

matcha and ginger pieces sunk to the bottom, and it almost looks like some kind of sunrise cocktail.  rimmed the glass with honey, garnished with lemon and sprinkled with matcha (would've been nice to have a sifter, but ah well). cool and refreshing! not to mention healthy :)