Friday, July 23, 2010

playing catch-up. ketchup?

here's a couple things from the past few days i didn't put up


open-faced chicken salad sandwich. wheat bread, baby spinach, chicken salad (diced grilled chicken, greek yogurt, garlic, cumin, cilantro, hot sauce, lemon), tomato, alfalfa sprouts.

check out this rain...

the tiger is getting married

the neighbour had a get together, and after a few beers i came home very hungry. this is normally the point i would order fast food... but money's tight, and so is my belt! found a satisfying alternative.

portobello and white button mushroom chunks, simmered in broth and goat cheese. 
with chopped cilantro, lemon, and paprika.

this was so wonderful.. quick and easy. rich but not heavy. love the way mushrooms get more and more meaty as you cook them, and how they release flavorful broth. enjoyed this with toast, but i think crusty baguette would be perfect to sop up the juices at the bottom of the bowl. reminds me of french-style eating.