Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sorry this is a bit late!

this tuesday i was without my camera. had an early dinnertime bbq... tomato-cumin-(among other things)-marinated chicken, giant portobello cap, onion cheeseburgers, balsamic garlic veggie kabobs.

the thing about bbq's is people are so eager to eat after watching roasting coals for a half hour, that i hardly ever have a chance to take photos! luckily my phone made it convenient to share with you a lo-quality pic of my portobello buger before i polished it off.

baby spinach, marinated grilled portobello cap, red onion, sliced tomato, greek yogurt w/ garlic, alfalfa sprouts, a spiral of hot chili sauce, all on white hamburger buns


and in an effort to be more healthy, i've been making this iced tea the past couple of days.

 i like to make it really strong and sweet, concentrated, then pour it while warm over a glass packed to the brim with ice.

yummy and healthy...hooray

blueberry breeze green tea (celestial seasonings), grated ginger root, meadowfoam honey, fresh squeezed lemon and orange.

(yea... realize that picture just looks like iced blueberry tea. well it really is just that... tastes like blueberry tea with a few things on its mind... or something.)