Thursday, July 15, 2010

the taming of the radish

today for the first time, i bought radishes!

i've thought they're cute but was always a bit shy of the pepperiness that i can't quite seem to get used to. 

but could i snub these adorable little bundles?!

their naturally vibrant color added character to my lunch. these little veggies love working their magic for the camera!

whole wheat baguette toasts smeared with butter, topped with fresh radish, sea salt, cracked pepper

the creaminess of the butter was the perfect way to tame the peppery radish. each of the components meld in harmony to create something deeper and far beyond a mere mix of the individual flavours. i know it's hard to believe, maybe if you're not a radish fan, try this out! anyone can fix up this dish in a snap. i enjoyed my light lunch with a tall glass of ice water, on my patio in the cool breeze.