Monday, July 12, 2010

this morning i went on a run. AHH. for a half an hour, and it kicked my butt. seriously... it's time to get back into shape.

i came home and showered, and then realized i was ravenously hungry. i made some homemade tortillas (super easy) and melted cheese on one side. i used this to wrap a mix of bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, chicken (the meat from the wings yesterday :D) fresh spinach, and salsa up for a quick mini-burrito... and yes i ate it so fast there was no time to even think about taking a photo. how typical of me, eh..

anyhow, it was very filling and the chicken sandwiches i was thinking of making tonight, i have left to bathe in their cream marinade over night. instead i made some mashed potatoes, easy one-pot meal. and after running i crave something fattening and pleasant!

a blend of russet and red potatoes, mashed with butter, cream, chicken broth. flavored with a little cheddar cheese, rosemary, garlic, salt/pepper. sprinkled with smoked paprika.

as a poor college student i have few fancy kitchen tools, and used a small empty pasta sauce jar to mash and smooth my potatoes. :)

how can you go wrong with mashed potatoes?! it's like pizza... you can add whatever you want. bon appetit.