Tuesday, August 3, 2010

chili powder tilapia filet, kiwi salsa, spicy sautéed sugar snap peas

*sigh* another camera phone picture...

i have some very overripe kiwis.. they are mushy and quite sweet. i thought they'd balance well with orange habanero, red onion, and yellow bell pepper. tossed in lime juice and salt. next time i think i'd choose a different pepper since the habanero has such a distinct taste (that i felt didn't mesh well with the kiwi) but the heat it imparted on the salsa was fabulous, especially with the tender flaky fish. oh, and next time i won't forget the cilantro!

originally i wanted to make fish tacos, but alas i was tired and with a giant, rather curiously painful mosquito bite gracing my arm i was in no mood to roll out tortillas by hand. an easier, healthier option was staring me in the face.... sugar snap peas on the brink of expiration, begging to be used up! peas taste so amazing when sautéed, and always seem to become crisp and wonderful. lightly dressed in hot sauce and black pepper, these delightful veggies were just the thing to complete the meal.

in other news, today's weather was fabulously cool/rainy, and i began my chem tutoring mini-job. which means, lots of studying to make sure i'm on top of my game! it'll break me back into the school mindset, i hope.

until next time.