Saturday, August 28, 2010

the dynamic duo

i figure i should update.. it's been a while! does anyone even read this, except my parents? haha. even if not, it doesn't matter. it's something to do, hold me accountable.. having short term goals is always nice. especially when i get to eat them!

school's only 1 week in and already i am swamped... hw and meetings, early classes, advisors, cooking, cleaning, exercise, etc etc....

anyhow here is a picture from the last time i photographed food.. earlier this week. in case you are wondering, the dynamic duo is in reference to tomato and basil. some things are just meant for each other, really!!

fresh cherry tomatoes from my parents' garden... cute, am i right?

in honor of the dying basil plant (sad!) that was to be mine, 
goodbye, basil plant

i made a simple caprese-esque salad... with roasted cherry tomatoes!
basil ribbons! (not from the dying one :P)
olive oil!
salt pepper!
mozzarella cheese!

often times simplicity is most genuine expression of elegance... 

fresh simple ingredients speak for themselves. yummmm!