Sunday, August 29, 2010

hw break

i know this photo might seem a bit crazy! a lot going on and a weird angle and lighting. haha.

it's a turkey burger (turkey, onions, garlic, pepper, ketchup) with goat cheese and tomatoes on a roasted green pepper "bun". with sautéed mushrooms and pasta salad, all over a bed of spinach.

this was my lunch from earlier this week. i didn't even miss bread, which says a LOT coming from me (i would eat pasta, rice, bread, starches all day everyday if i did not fear the consequences) because the whole thing reminded me of a stuffed bell pepper, in cute sandwich form.

recently i became enlightened to the world of roasted bell peppers... it's fast, easy, and absolutely delicious. you basically stick a whole pepper under the broiler, turning occasionally until the skin blisters and starts to turn brown/black. after this you can cover it while it cools, so that it "steams" itself for a few minutes and the skin slips off like a banana peel. but in this case, i just left the skin on because i figured it would be less messy if i was going to hold this like a burger.

anyhow, the last few weeks i've been trying to eat really healthy, and with the exception of beaujo's pizza one night and chipotle for lunch today, essentially everything i've eaten has been whole home-cooked foods. in addition to tons of fruits and veggies lots of quinoa, flaxseed, oatmeal, poultry and seafood, vinegars, plain yogurt, etc etc have been staples. lately i've been dressing my salads with just some goat cheese crumbles, spices, lemon juice, and/or vinegar... no oil is really needed! i find that oil is good in a dressing mainly because it helps distribute the other components that deliver the "bite".. (think, acidic or pungent) and even though oil is always tasty (it's so smooth and coats your mouth with richness!) it's something i've tried to cut down on lately. and it's pretty safe to say life sans excess fats is still pretty tasty.