Thursday, August 12, 2010

moving and unpacking is tiring! finally at the new place, and i love it. smaller bedroom, but more spacious living room. small-ish kitchen, but i like the layout of it. hooray!

i'm at the old apartment writing now, since internet hasn't been set up. i haven't really cooked anything in the past few days, but as soon as i'm settled i have a list of things i'd like to try out. on moving day my parents came up all the way from lone tree to help me move. they brought a pickup truck and lots of energy... my dad lifting heavy things with sumeet, and my mom cleaning the old apartment like a pro! i am so grateful to have such wonderful people to help me move... who sacrificed an entire afternoon in the heat to make sure i get my stuff into a new place! so thank you to my parents and sumeet for being wonderful!

the only food picture i really have is from my last trip home...

물 냉면 .... beef broth, buckwheat noodles, thinly sliced beef, hardboiled egg, cucumber, kimchi. 

korean summertime food! delicious and refreshing... thanks uhmmah! :D