Sunday, August 1, 2010


lauren went home to michigan, which leaves me camera-less until i return home to fetch mine. also, we've had lots of bbq's with the neighbours lately since they are moving soon and we've been celebrating to wish them off well.

i took a picture of a dish i made yesterday on my phone, and have decided to post some other fun memories that i found on my phone since i don't have nice food photos to blog about for the time being.

mac n' goat cheese
(no butter or cream!)

while boiling elbow macaroni, fry thinly sliced garlic with olive oil until fragrant. sprinkle in some flour, cook roux until pale yellow. next i added pasta water, but would've loved to have added chicken broth instead (reminiscent of velouté) or milk (à la béchamel)

stir in goat cheese, basil, oregano, salt/pepper. (i also added turmeric for color). whisk until smooth, then fold in cooked pasta.

i read a few weeks back about a typical garden weed called lambsquarters can be cooked like spinach, chard, other leafy greens. 

this fascinated me, and i did some research. while at a bbq at the neighbour's, i noticed a plant that fit the description. 

after comparing with online images, i have concluded that the goss/grove area is ridden with this hidden veggie treat, and i cannot wait to try it out!
late-night wal mart trips with my parents are always a family tradition/habit. a great cure for boredom, and meandering through the big glossy aisles alleviates our guilt about big dinners (at least, enough so that we usually justify getting ice cream cones on the way home) :)

anyhow, i saw this weird little can of "tiny shrimp" while we were wandering there one night.

seems kind of scary, but the name is cute. what would you do with a can-full of "tiny shrimp"?

the next few pictures are of the member of our family who doesn't come on our wal-mart adventures.

candy likes sleeping, and eating. though she is more picky these days, she is relatively easy to please. (think, most things meat).

here she is relaxing on her star bed made for her by my mom.

hmm.. must be that comfortable, eh?

but not as comfortable as the living room rug! it's in the living room candy finds napkins in the middle of the night to rip up.

she also lays down here while waiting for food if we're eating a meaty dinner.

surprise, uhmmah and dad! look at my new tattoo!

(just kidding)

it's a picture from some newspaper i can't remember, but i think it's cool/funny.

apparently so deeply moved by buttery duck liver, expressing this enlightenment on the racy medium of human skin.

a french classic on knuckles, who'd have thought?

this is peter the cat

walking home from school one evening last semester, this buddy followed me home and up the stairs.

i tried entertaining him with this impromptu ribbon toy and some milk, but i guess none of that was to his liking.

he left shortly after i got a hold of his owner, who told me he knows his way home

operation hulk!

found this beauty while at lollicup a while ago with kelsi.

quirky, tacky, mildly amusing.

if you mess up, he says "HULK SMASH!!!!!"

look how pretty daniel's park is. the "escape" destination of all the  cooped up suburban high schoolers of highlands ranch.

i don't remember when i took this picture, but from the looks of it, apparently sometime in the winter.

a rainbow i threw together with leftover fruit that my mom had used for some pastry/dessert (because really, that is the only time we have such a rich variety of fruits in our house) :)

want to eat more fruit? there have been studies done: dishes with a variety of colors encourage more eating. (think of what seems more appetizing, all orange jellybeans, or mixed flavors?)

apply the same trick to fruits and veggies. they're naturally so colorful so try to mix them into more dishes!

another arrested development joke.

at the sprint store in lone tree, they have pictures like these all over the walls to advertise features of the phones.

do you see michael bluth?!

(again, if you've never watched this show this might not be amusing. but hahaha.)

this picture isn't particularly clear, but it might be one of my favorites. i love the color and the silhouettes of people in the crowd.

this is from last august, when pretty lights performed on campus for the welcome back concert.

go listen to one of their songs!

a very fun night, like many of the other ones in boulder.

i hardly look through my phone pictures so it was fun to recap all the memories. i'm sorry to deviate from the "food" part of "food blog", but i hope you enjoyed this little album as well.