Wednesday, August 18, 2010

veggies... better than candy

hello hello...

 i finally made it to the farmer's market, after all this time. wow, was i missing out all summer. it's a wonderful place, so many colorful and weird heirloom varieties of everything you could think of...bundles of white carrots, huge maroon beets, green speckled tomatoes, disc-shaped peppers..

 of course it's pricey, but not so much that you couldn't prepare meals featuring some of these fresh produce items from time to time. there were also booths to sell snacks, fresh bread and cupcakes, even specialty smoked salmon. the line for the palisade peaches was a block long... the market starts at 4 but people were lining up at 330. what's the buzz all about? maybe next time i'll check it out

i picked up a bag of purple basil (very similar in taste to sweet basil, but in an exciting color!) and tiny heirloom cherry tomatoes. they are so cute!!

this trip to the market, and in the spirit of working out lately (hooray!)..i wanted to eat a light dinner. now that i look back on it, it's all vegan. i've learned this year that though i could never give up meat, i love love love vegetarian/vegan food. boulder working it's magic on me? as much as i hate how this place breeds filthy hippies in spades, i suppose i'm reaching some sort of equilibrium with my environment

rinsing and cutting veggies

first i sautéed asparagus with a bit of olive oil and toasted some minced garlic. then i prepared flatbread dough... flatbread has been my starch lifeline throughout this summer. lately i've been feeling a bit sour about buying sandwich bread (nothing at all against that pillowy, baguetty stuff :P)... something about it just does not seem too much like "real bread"... like that pillowy stuff! 

anyhow, flatbread is always an improv thing for me. today, it was 3 tbsp of bread flour, 1 tbsp ground flax, little bits of salt, baking soda, and dried oregano... and water to the desired consistency. rolled three mini breads, and onto a hot ungreased skillet til you see little bubbles! then flip.... and it should puff up like a small balloon. 
rolling out the flatbreads

for the simplified bruschetta salad, i half of the cherry tomatoes in half and mashed the other half. stirred in some minced basil and added a splash of balsamic. then spoon over mixed greens. easy peasy....

sqeeeezing little tomatoes

the final plate

it looks kinda huge, but truly it is a rather small plate. i had a tbsp or so of leftover hummus, which is always so nice with carrots. and yes, i ate the other 2 breads not pictured!! of course!

toasted garlic is very earthy... almost to the point of being bitter. i wonder if there is a way to tone this down, or if i just did it wrong... :) and another thing... i don't know why all these pictures are slightly out of focus, perhaps god's way of telling me it's high time to break the food-pictures-at-night habit. sigh, but what to do when you're a nocturnal college student?