Saturday, September 4, 2010

another weekday lunch

toasted sliced almonds are the latest obsession. they're great on just about everything, from sweet to bitter to savory. their flavour is nutty yet neutral, almost a carte blanche that lets other things take center stage.

found some assorted bagels at king soopers in the bakery markdown section... which by the way is great!! don't hate until you check it out. though some items are stale and indeed past their prime, some are just sitting there because they need the space on the shelves for the newer, often items of seasonal interest to shoppers. yeah yeah, i found 6 great, flavourful and soft bagels for little over a dollar. swish.

after school one day i toasted it and then unloaded my fridge onto the bagel slice. anything that looked good, was piled onto the preceeding layer. "everything but the kitchen sink" ohhh funny

bottom to top: toasted bagel, plain yogurt, smashed chickpeas, baby spinach, tilapia filet, salsa, diced red onion, picked jalapenos, toasted almonds.

people tell me i like weird foods, is this considered a weird dish? perhaps. it is quite random after all. i downed this thing so fast though... then sat for a few minutes in post-meal bliss. food like this makes me feel good, all the way down to my soul. i don't know why, or how to explain, but including a variety of ingredients from different food groups that clash and mesh in taste and texture...often just feels right and makes me quite the happy clam :D