Monday, November 22, 2010

deep fry love

ahhh break... finally! gratuitous sleep, pigging out, long nights and late mornings...

what better way to kick off a week of relaxation than with some classic greasy comfort items? chicken nuggets and french fries! :D

homemade french fries are such a great thing to learn. they're simple and always yield impressive, tasty results. plus they're universally pleasing, even for your vegetarian friends and family!

after peeling and slicing russet potatoes, make sure to rinse them off well until water runs clear, to get rid of all the extra starch. cover with ice water and let sit for around half an hour. once you drain them, be sure to squeeze all the water out well with paper towels! you don't want any water spattering out when it hits the hot oil. some even recommend drying it out overnight as well, for optimal fluffiness.
fries prepping in their beauty bath
once your fries are well dried out, send them into medium-hot oil for the par fry. (okay, so i lack many kitchen items including a thermometer, so i always do this by touch). you want to cook them so that they're translucent, and soft/slightly sticky. you do not want them to be crisp at this stage!

remove your fries once they can easily be pierced with a fork, and turn up the oil to high. very hot! return them to the bath so the outsides crisp up... that way you're left with soft fluffy insides and golden crispy outsides. delicious.

if you look up recipes online for homemade chicken nuggets, many will instruct you to food process the chicken and spices together until a thick paste forms. again, i don't have many kitchen tools and a food processor unfortunately isn't something i own. instead i mixed my spices with ground chicken... doesn't produce as smooth of an end product but it was a fair substitute.

ground chicken, minced garlic, crushed chilies, cayenne, oregano, parsley, salt
i didn't take as many pictures as i would've liked, since my hands got real messy real quick! basically the chicken paste was rolled up into balls, dipped in flour, beaten egg, then flour again and smashed down to resemble a chicken nugget. each side of the nuggets were fried in a shallow pool of oil for about 3 minutes per side.
ketchup <(:3
mcdonald's is made so much better at home, i urge you to try it out!