Saturday, December 4, 2010


sporadic posting... an end of the semester curse!
the good news? in no more than 2 short weeks, i will have almost a month off from school!  with no classes or assignments to worry about, i will be free to play in the kitchen without hesitation <3

a thing or two miscellaneous items from the past month or so,
a snapshot of an unfinished project
i made little mocha and chocolate chip cakes, which were filled with handmade raspberry-balsamic whipped cream. then they were covered in mint rolled buttercream, made with real mint and schnapps. i was then going to decorate them with white chocolate details.. but life became quite busy and the cakes eventually became soggy waiting for in the fridge. sigh... someday i will re-do this project, and finish successfully.

springform pizza
i have found my favorite springform pan idea. chicago style stuffed pizzas! amazing.
please check out the link! i used a different pizza dough recipe (i'll post it later, when i make a proper post for this food item!) and the results are beautiful. it's easy, impressive, and most importantly delicious.

the first time i made this was in my apartment, here's the insides gushing out. 
mmm... messy and great
after sharing this springform pizza with some friends, i decided to make it for my family. i made this as lunch for my parents the second day i was back home for break. (better lighting!)
ready for the oven
(you can see, i got better at shaping the crust this time :D)
fresh from the oven!
thanksgiving week was a bit more hectic than planned, i had to study lots for upcoming exams, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on much needed rest.

mr. kim, one of our family friends, created beautiful amazing appetizers! everyone was amazed. i took a picture of one, it manages to be the only decent picture of the evening.
wheat crostini, thin steak slice, orange marmalade, sesame seeds?, parsley
i can't remember the exact ingredients clear off the top of my head, but i believe the above is somewhat correct. it was a beautiful mix of sweet, salty, crispy, umami, nutty, bitter... the right amount of everything was well put together so each element contrasted the other just perfectly to create one exciting bite. definitely a highlight of this meal! thank you mr. kim!

dinner was amazing like usual... turkey, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, spinach-fruit-shrimp salad, stuffing, BBQ ribs, spinach casserole, mac n cheese, green been casserole, gravy, rolls... endless plates of amazing food made with love by people we love :)

for thanksgiving i created three desserts:
1. pumpkin pie
the picture looks funky since there was a heart-shaped ring of pie crust adorning the center as decoration, which sunk in upon slicing.

timeless fall holiday dessert.. i spiced the pumpkin using cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. with moist brown sugar and both heavy and sour creams. set and given silky texture with egg. all baked into a homemade pie crust.. buttery, flaky yet also somewhat dense. it's pretty hard to mess up pumpkin pie..really!

2. chocolate amaretto torte
my experiment dessert. especially with anything that comes out of an oven, i am reluctant to serve to people something i am making for the very first time. i like to have that trial run by myself, so i won't be embarrassed! so i know how to nuance and time the dish correctly. but i really wanted to try this out, and thanksgiving seemed like a great occasion.

the main ingredient of this is chocolate! rich, dark chocolate. the end result has an exterior that is hard and crunchy like biscotti, and an inside that is moist and like a rich brownie. since this torte is mostly chocolate, it is obscenely rich and decadent. a tiny slice to hush even the most profound chocolate cravings.

3. apple spice cheesecake
if cheesecake and apple pie had a child... this would be it. a gingersnap crust, plain cheesecake flavoured with spices similar to those used in pumpkin pie... when baked the top of caramelized beautifully. granny smith slices were simmered in cider, sugar, and spices until soft and then placed atop the cheesecake. the leftover simmering liquid made a great serving sauce that was perfect for the fall flavours. this one was the favourite at dinner! people loved it :)

i would love to write more but i'm off... to make some calzones! bye until after finals, i'll be back soon enough :) wish me luck