Saturday, December 18, 2010

spring onion sushi rolls, the tutorial

hello there!

thanks to everyone who took the time to look at my last post, spring onion sushi rolls. i wanted to share more with you all about how i made these simple yet beautiful rolls.

note, i did take these pictures at night so they won't be as beautifully lit as the previous post. perhaps a new years resolution, i will commit to transition my kitchen activities out of the night and into the more brightly lit day :)

anyhow, please forgive the fuzzy lines and muted colours. here are the basics!

set up your nori sheet on some plastic wrap as above.
using wet hands, uniformly spread room temp sushi rice.
carefully roll up into a tight cylinder, using bamboo mat for shaping.

here is how your roll will look.
wrap firmly with plastic wrap, set aside in a cool spot to set.

after about 10-15 min, take a wet knife and slice down the center.
take each half and slice down the centers as well.
you end up with four quarters of the original roll.
be sure to keep your knife wet as needed.
place a fresh nori sheet on your setup.
taking 2 of the pieces, place back to back at the edge of the sheet.
place your filling in the middle
i used spring onion, but get creative!

 seafood, tamago, vegetables are all great variations.
place other 2 quarters atop the first two.
they should mirror the bottom; form the square.
 use your hand and fold the nori sheet around the roll.
pinch each corner to make sure it forms a neat square angle.
use your bamboo mat to firmly wrap the angular aspects.
set aside wrapped square roll for 10-15 min.
again with a wet knife, carefully slice into bites of desired thickness.
i served mine with a reverse-rolled roll with baked kabocha squash.
the brightly colored centers remind me of springtime!
serve immediately, with soy sauce, etc.
i hope you all enjoy! i look forward to experimenting with more rolls soon, and i will be sure to share all my adventures :)