Sunday, February 27, 2011


3 years of laughter."

our school's improv group, left right tim, just celebrated their 3rd birthday! 
(you will never meet more hilarious toddlers.)
 they've had a wonderful and prominent presence at CU throughout my time here...
 from energetic friday night shows to special performances at many campus events! 

they really know how to get a crowd going
and have attracted an adoring and ever-growing fan base. 
if you're a student and haven't been, go soon. really. you've got no excuse.
and if the rest of you are ever in the boulder area, try to attend a show.. you won't regret it!

check out their facebook for upcoming performances and announcements:

3-layers of vanilla yellow cake, half sheet size
chocolate filling w/ a hint of raspberry
marshmallow fondant
modeling chocolate logo, allowed to harden
dark chocolate icing

Monday, February 21, 2011


dark rye toast, tahina, baby spinach,
roma tomato, clover sprouts, roasted red pepper
yes, it did get a bit soggy at school.
no, i did not care :)

at the store yesterday i went for the rye... yes rye!
was never a huge fan, but i wanted to remind myself of times in st. petersburg, russia.
now... who wants to make me some blini w/ tvorozhnaya?

this morning..sipping brown rice green tea and chowing strawberry oatmeal,
 i listened to vladimir ashkenazy playing the rach 3.
feeling the russian-jew vibe, i topped rye toast with tahina 

(i could eat this stuff straight out of the jarrrrrr)

followed by an effort for better health, various vegetables.
 i play favorites. something like this.. 
spinach and tomatoes, because they belong on all foods. this is no joke!!!
and then mixed it up a bit..
sprouts, to remind me of the delicious tuna salad at paradise, my first job.
 roasted red pepper just because it's meaty and delicious and easy to make.

final result: open-faced. a bit reminiscent of butterbrot, russki style.
themes: russia. food. my favorite things! 
(though i would not object,) i do not bleed borscht, i swear
lots of color today! clearly, a weird mood eh? ah well :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's = chocolate...what else?!

bah! sorry to be m.i.a. been busy busy. 3 midterms... (all A's, amazingly!)
 non-engineering is so easy. refreshing. great. glad to have gotten outttt!
1/3 of the work and 5x better grades :D

lately, been making lots of homemade pizzas.. i've finally tamed my oven. i've grown used to a pizza dough recipe that i actually LIKE! (amazing.. i have hated homemade dough for most of my life). it's easy, chewy, crispy, and wonderfully time efficient. i make a bunch of that at once, and save some in the fridge or freezer. roll it out thin, top with sauces/cheeses and into the inferno it goes for ~20 for a quick meal anytime.

other than my adventures playing pizzeria, i have been making chocolates for valentine's day. ahhhhh! 
almost 24 hours straight of playing chocolatier this weekend.
watched all my dvr'd cake boss to stay motivated. filled many orders.
this is the first time i've made chocolate on this scale..
my last experience that comes close was with the kobe cake from.. wow 9 months ago now. 
anyhow, here are pics of all the but the last order, i forgot a pic of that one..

first, made samples to show what could be done

all orders 100% custom, 100% handmade. 
i had a lot of fun, despite how tiring it was. i definitely learned a LOT. chocolate can be a b*tch to work with, it is so tempermental. taming of the shrew! i'm glad i took on this challenge :D
certainly will only do better chocolate work from now on.
hey to all my friends who put faith in me and gave me their support! you guys rock! <3

s took me to p.f. chang's for valentine's dinner, so i made dessert! considering his interest in street art as of late, i thought incorporating a banksy piece would be quite fitting (one with flowers, in good spirit!)

chocolate cake filled with cocoa hand-whipped cream and diced fresh strawberries
frosted with dark chocolate salted hazelnut buttercream
covered with dark chocolate ganache, w/ alternating dipped strawberries
topped with a solid chocolate piece depicting banky's "flower thrower"

visual. fragrant. insaaaaanely rich. YUM.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm a fattie :D

i don't know why i've never used a recipe for mac and cheese.. it kinda just fell out of my head and onto a plate. after learning the basics of béchamel, it only seemed natural to add a variety of cheeses to create a velvety sauce for my dish :)

i used a blend of sharp cheddar, gouda, and caña de cabra cheeses (the latter is my favorite... pungent, delicious goat cheese in a moldy rind....seriously though... BEST EVER). served with plenty of ground black pepper, and it was delicious! thick, indulgent, fatty... perfect way to avoid the deep freeze right outside my door. the sauce is so simple and pulls together in the time it takes for the pasta to cook. next time i'll keep track of my proportions and post a recipe soon. :) but for now feast with your eyes!