Sunday, February 27, 2011


3 years of laughter."

our school's improv group, left right tim, just celebrated their 3rd birthday! 
(you will never meet more hilarious toddlers.)
 they've had a wonderful and prominent presence at CU throughout my time here...
 from energetic friday night shows to special performances at many campus events! 

they really know how to get a crowd going
and have attracted an adoring and ever-growing fan base. 
if you're a student and haven't been, go soon. really. you've got no excuse.
and if the rest of you are ever in the boulder area, try to attend a show.. you won't regret it!

check out their facebook for upcoming performances and announcements:

3-layers of vanilla yellow cake, half sheet size
chocolate filling w/ a hint of raspberry
marshmallow fondant
modeling chocolate logo, allowed to harden
dark chocolate icing