Monday, February 21, 2011


dark rye toast, tahina, baby spinach,
roma tomato, clover sprouts, roasted red pepper
yes, it did get a bit soggy at school.
no, i did not care :)

at the store yesterday i went for the rye... yes rye!
was never a huge fan, but i wanted to remind myself of times in st. petersburg, russia.
now... who wants to make me some blini w/ tvorozhnaya?

this morning..sipping brown rice green tea and chowing strawberry oatmeal,
 i listened to vladimir ashkenazy playing the rach 3.
feeling the russian-jew vibe, i topped rye toast with tahina 

(i could eat this stuff straight out of the jarrrrrr)

followed by an effort for better health, various vegetables.
 i play favorites. something like this.. 
spinach and tomatoes, because they belong on all foods. this is no joke!!!
and then mixed it up a bit..
sprouts, to remind me of the delicious tuna salad at paradise, my first job.
 roasted red pepper just because it's meaty and delicious and easy to make.

final result: open-faced. a bit reminiscent of butterbrot, russki style.
themes: russia. food. my favorite things! 
(though i would not object,) i do not bleed borscht, i swear
lots of color today! clearly, a weird mood eh? ah well :D