Wednesday, March 30, 2011


since i did not do ANY sorts of blogging/baking over spring break (laziness at its finest),
 i decided it was high time to shoo the dust off the oven and scrape the rust off my whisks. 
yes, it had truly been too long....

i sought a reason to make a cake, and it turns out the reason was seeking me as well! 
world cup cricket. 
before dating an indian boy, those words meant nothing to me. 
and now, well, they still don't mean a whole lot, but i sure do understand the gravity of them.

cricket (to me) is like baseball on crack. 
it's pretty fun to watch, save that the games are overnight, and 8 hours long!
cricket (to people in many countries) is amazing, exciting, captivating.
8 hours what? can't get enough.

for those who don't know (don't worry if you didn't, i was one of you lil more than a week ago),
 tonight is a huge cricket match between india and pakistan. 
big rivals! 
semifinal game! 
nerves gone haywire! etc etc :)

based on the logo:

i built this cake:

side view
inside... see the flag? :)
in my trademark godawful lighting:
3-layer cake: half vanilla, half chocolate.
vanilla whipped cream, fresh strawberries, bits of dark chocolate ganache.
chocolate-hazelnut and vanilla buttercreams.
marshmallow fondant.

soooo tired. now i've a kitchen to clean :)
let's go india!