Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the day after cake

i never eat much when i bake, the smell of sweets is intoxicatingly heavy.
i'll have a few scraps of cake and bits of frosting for taste control,
and eventually have one meal that is especially salty/cheesy to offset the sweet.

since these days involve little food, none of which is particularly nutritious,
 the next day usually calls for reboot!

2-egg omelette: steamed kale, red onion, goat cheese, pepper, paprika.
salad: remaining kale, red onion, carrot, lemon juice, salt.
1/2 roma tomato + pepper.
here is lunch...the plate looks huge but is actually rather small.
 my first time trying kale (not sure how i feel about it quite yet).
also, my omelettes are always sloppy, overflowing, busting at the seams. 
(perhaps a sign that i am programmed to eat as much as possible....)

oh well, at least it's veggies (this time).
take that, cake!