Friday, March 4, 2011


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egg-yolk ravioli filled with ricotta and caña de cabra cheeses, minced garlic and spinach.
 in extra virgin olive oil with sliced jazz apple, shallots, cilantro. 
topped with fresh lemon juice, black pepper, crushed sea salt.

 heart-shaped ravioli! don't judge. it was the only cookie cutter i had.
i made a simple pasta dough, rolled it suuuper thin, piped the filling and folded it over. 
cut out with cookie cutters and sealed the edges shut. 
i actually made these a few weeks ago, and they freeze beautifully. 
straight into boiling water from there, drained, and then fried quickly in olive oil.

jazz apples are delicious! (and obviously, quite jazzy.)
genetically, they're a cross between gala and braeburn.. 
so they have the great texture and acidity of the braeburn
while being juicy and sweet like a gala. GREAT APPLE.
and as for caña de cabra... remember how i love it?

pungent and creamy filling, chewy pasta, crunchy apples, silky shallots, aromatic cilantro...
the many contrasting layers take this dish to a new level.

ravioli has always been a favorite dish of mine.. i mean it's stuffed pasta! usually with cheese
and it's still so great. in any form, from chef boyardee to a st. louis deep fry. 
a pasta close to the heart, (and as fate would have it,) shaped like a heart. ha.