Wednesday, March 9, 2011

salty quaker

i love savory breakfasts. to me, there is no better time for a cheeseburger than 7am.
(though sometimes i don't care,) i have generally come to terms
with the fact that various health (and wardrobe) problems will arise
if i consistently start my day with a double cheeseburger. (sad.)
a (heavenly!) mound of red meat, gooey cheese, salt, and complex carbs. like this...


(that is, btw, not my picture. nor my burger. it's a cruel world.)
that's why, on sensible days, breakfast looks something more like...

boiled oats, ground flax, black beans, spinach, tomato, pepper, picante sauce.
it's filling, easy, and quick. not to mention SALTY :)

boil oats. more water for more mealy, less if you want chewier bits.
at the end of cooking, add cooked beans, veggies, pepper, etc.
top with picante sauce, salsa, hot sauce... you name it.

oatmeal does not have to be sweet! 
oats can be a heart-healthy substitute for white rice and other starches.
mess around with them, and find toppings for oats that you like!

also: check out part 2! topped with a poached egg. also a nice variation.