Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter eggs

this post is for my great parents :)

i wish i could be spending easter at home with you!
baking story cookies, dying eggs...

though most of my eggs are for cakes or breakfast,
i decided to dye a half dozen to remember fun times.
at home we use wax crayons to create designs,
but this time i raided my fridge and neighboring trees for stencils.

fennel + green dye ... cilantro + turmeric.

parsley + purple dye ... fennel + green dye.

flower + coffee ... tea egg style + pink dye.

tea egg style + pink dye ... flower + blue dye.

tea egg style... insides peeking out
anyhow, this project made me realize how much i miss home!
i really am grateful to my parents..
for many memories, guidance, and support.
i hope these eggs brighten your sunday :D

happy easter, mom and dad. 
i hope next year we'll be able to do this project together.
love you..!!!