Friday, May 6, 2011

buon viaggio, LD!

LD is studying in perugia, italy... for 6wks, 
then sticking around europe for the rest of the summer ! (jealous...)

here's to a wonderful, fulfilling time abroad. 
a cake inspired by the classic italian dessert, tiramisu.

3-layer mini.
beige velvet cake, espresso-whiskey syrup, 
vanilla-mascarpone cream, chopped dark chocolate, mocha frosting.

basically the cake recipe is my red velvet except w/o the food dye. 
in making this cake i discovered the JOY that is mascarpone.
it's like cream cheese... but richer! (sinful..)
next time i might choose a lighter, fluffier, sponge-cake-esque base
buon appetito :)

goodbye, larry david! we will miss you dearly.