Wednesday, May 25, 2011


long time since posting!

i've been busy w mostly cakes.. 
and haven't cooked up anything terribly inventive in the category of actual food.

anyhow, here's a sampling of the cakes i've done in the past few weeks.

happy mother's day!!
3-layer mini: vanilla cake + whipped cream + fresh mango and strawberry 
+ cream cheese frosting + chocolate buttercream.

for my aunt's bday (pic taken after melting in transit..)
mini "neopolitan" cheesecake: 3 layers chocolate, strawberry, vanilla cheesecake on an oreo crust 
+ white chocolate glaze + matcha + almonds + dark chocolate.

requested for a bday
3-layer 8 inch: chocolate-banana cake + white chocolate whipped cream 
+ fresh strawberries + cream cheese frosting + chocolate buttercream.

a goodbye for doug at cu gold!
3-layer mini: chocolate cake + strawberry whipped cream 
+ salted caramel buttercream (w homemade caramel sauce!) + cocoa + crushed oreo.

bday wishes for neal!
3-layers: chocolate mocha cake + caramel whipped cream 
+ fresh strawberries + bailey's cream cheese frosting.

in conclusion.....
(or else hefty gut and embolism are imminent..)