Wednesday, June 1, 2011

all aboard

...the friend ship!
or the wellness wagon.
for the millionth time this year (SIGH)

my eating habits fluctuate between 
obsessively healthy, whole foods......and......ravenous munchies √† la Boulder..
yeah! woo...

so here's to climbing back on... and hopefully staying on for a biiiit longer this time :0
it all starts w breakfast.

the goal is to make this a regular, not just a schoolday, bfast.
steel-cut oats boiled with a roma tomato and some bean sprouts. poach an egg in said mixture. 
(yes... the whole egg. who are you kidding, egg white people?! all the vitamins are in the yolk.)
sprinkle some white vinegar and soy sauce. add spring onion, paprika, and chia seeds.
add a glass of coconut water w cucumber garnish 
and EL FIN....!!!