Friday, August 12, 2011


neglect: guilty as charged.

since this blog was born a year ago, i have hardly gone w/o posting once a week!
until now.
sure sure, everyone's got class, work, miscellaneous events..
but mix these with summertime relaxation laziness, and hello tuna was served a knockout blow.
i even avoided browsing other food blogs to avoid the flood of guilt...

sorry, friends! :(

here's a rundown of my time away from the blog world..

1. gorgonzola

: an italian blue cheese with blue veins running all through.
stinks like a bitch, melts like a lady!
really though, the melting quality is superb. it becomes like cheesy liquid silk.
the leftover wedge i had from the pizza party soon found its way into everything...
quality is atrocious. who knows what i was thinking
spaghetti, bits of turkey sausage, spinach, gorgonzola.
this dish made me realize this cheese can stand alone as a sauce. no shame, simple and delicious.

made a bit healthier the next time around.
whole wheat rotini, spinach, cannelini beans, gorgonzola.

cannelini beans are BOMB. i can eat an entire bowlful by hand, like chips.
they're insanely creamy, and hit it off big time w the gorgonzola. yessss.

may we rejoice in the fortune of smelly cheese.

2. food processor

as previously mentioned, i love this thing.
it could quite possibly change everything about the way i think in my kitchen.

a few months ago, i believed tomato and/or garlic were essential to wonderful pasta.
a few weeks back, this dish was born of necessity,
since i had so much spaghetti, and no tomatoes or garlic bulbs to be found :/

PESTO! sans basil
roasted red pepper, spinach, toasted almonds, rosemary, olive oil.

roasting bell peppers is an awesome trick to learn...
just stick them under the broiler, and turn once or twice til the skin is nicely charred.
peel off the skin and remove the seeds,
then stick the tender flesh in the processor along w everything else.
so delicious!

3. weddings, festivities.

my longtime friend married a wonderful guy this month.
congrats to kiley and michael!

as far as the food side of things...

bachelorette cake
3 layers of spice cake (vanilla cake w allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, dash of pepper), vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, white chocolate hello kitty.

and now a glimpse of the inside in poor lighting :)

a pink gradient!
the wedding was in c springs and was beautiful. 
fun, lively, and i couldn't think of a better way to wish the new couple all the best.
here is a picture of the cupcakes, courtesy of cb :)

mixed berry cake w strawberry cheesecake filling
classic chocolate cake w vanilla buttercream
lemon sponge cake w whipped lemon curd
vanilla cake w azuki bean filling

best best best wishes to the florens! and congrats again!

4. the misc.

just moved out of the dark, spider-infested hole into a bright new apartment!
apt # 420 :) btw
after unpacking this coming week, 
i look forward to more beautifully lit food photos.
the first thing i've cooked in here is scrambled eggs! yum

and here's a few random things from my hiatus....

ready to roast!

bday order: a play off boston cream pie.
2 layers vanilla cake, raspberry pastry cream, fresh raspberries, nutella ganache,
nutella cream cheese frosting, royal icing.
s's bday cake! sharingan
4 layers alternating chocolate and red velvet,
dark and white chocolate mousses, sour cream choc frosting.
leftover bachelorette cake stuffs. transformed into cuppy cakes.
i bought leeks for the first time, maybe look forward to a vichyssoise?
do up aloo gobi w purple cauliflower and potatoes?
arancini w kimchi bokkeum bahp or as a play on a taco-rice ball?
maybe a tomato cake w basil olive oil frosting...
so many ideas bouncing around in my head.

it's goooooood to be back :)