Wednesday, August 24, 2011


finally wednesday...
this week is so long! and hot.

ima keep this short, i've much to do
but didn't want to leave the blog hanging too long

orange olive oil mini cakes, cinnamon whipped cream, fresh orange.
i used smitten kitchen's recipe here, making a few high altitude adjustments by touch..
and just used navel oranges instead of the sanguine variety.
(pick oranges with big navels, they are the sweetest. shout out to fruit ninja for the tip!)

got the idea for cinnamon from tequila shots done in european (mainly german, i think) style...
here, order a shot and you get lime and salt.
there, you get cinnamon and orange. amazing.

not only are the cakes butter free (not the pokemon),
but my favorite part is that the flavour has a distinct beginning and an end.
first a bright punch of olive oil, fading into the fragrant orange.
very neat. delicious, and simple. go try it out!