Tuesday, December 6, 2011

no words

never knew i could get so lost in school and work.
barely a moment's rest, but never a dull moment.

what made me come back...at a time such as finals??
study-procrastination led me to a campus blog that featured a CU student's food blog.
and.... it sucksssssss.
(not to be mean. so i won't identify it.)
honestly though, the tumblr is cringeworthy!
mediocre recipes, processed ingredients, improper cooking techniques, just a mess.

then i realized:
my blog has been dead for months so i've no right to such opinions,
being busy is a terrible excuse,
and most of all...
NOW is the time to get down and dirty.

where to even begin?
there's still been a lot of cooking
even more eating
very little photographing... 
and no writing. zero. (not even fo' class!)
time to brush off the rust i suppose.

dive right in with some highlights of the hiatus
as told by a camera phone :/

pour deux, svp.
did this after skimming a thomas keller recipe while in barnes and noble.

caramelizing onions is for the patient! low and slow, and i mean it. 
thinly sliced vidalia onions (maybe .25 in thick) and a tbsp of some sort of fat (butter duh!)
low heat, don't crowd them, replenish with water as needed, and keep the lid on. for hours.
the sugars in the onion caramelize and turn brown (think: making caramel from white sugar), then to mush.
only the tastiest brown mush.
and your apartment will smell amaaaazing. 

after this, essentially the rest is beef broth, thyme, and a light hand of salt.
...would be a shame to mask the sweet flavors that took hours to develop!
the final (and BEST) step is to add croutons and cheese. 
used a mix of gruyère and comté.. it is french onion soup after all. emmentaler could work well also.

double choc!

dark chocolate cake + chocolate sour cream frosting. 
does it get any easier / tastier?

chia seeds pt. 1

ok this photo looks like strawberry jam...alas it is not.
turkey meat sauce (tomatoes, spices, ground turkey, etc) over quinoa, topped w chia seeds.

two conclusions:
  1.  love using chia seeds because not only am i reminded of chia pets, they are packed with omega-3's and add interesting texture and mild nutty flavor.
  2.  in my 22 years of ravenous white pasta eating, quinoa is a great (super healthy!) substitute. did you know it's a seed? gluten free? has all 9 amino acids? a completely delicious complete protein.

...the ugly
not all good food looks good. because some looks like this.
rotini w chèvre, gorgonzola, butternut squash, toasted almonds, fresh basil and arugula.

roasted the butternut squash with coconut oil... another obsession of late
stinky gorg and pungent arugula help balance the heavy emphasis on creamy sweet flavours.
adding the basil and toasted nuts almost feels like a deconstructed pesto!

all in all, a good debut to pasta tuesdays at 420. not to mention very fall-esque!

say cheese!
cheesy toasts: one idea, endless possibilities.
absolutely impossible to go wrong with salt + fat + carb...except maybe in the dressing room
alternating toasts of black truffle brie and pizza style (homemade tomato sauce + fresh mozz)
elegant and sumptuous juxtaposed with simple nostalgia.

now say...kimchi!
one person i find particularly inspiring in the food world is sarah j. gim (tastespotting!!)
her red rice bibimbap is just one example of her creative uses of grains.
when my uhmmah sent me back with a container of kimchi, 
i saved some of the overripe bits at the bottom and fried it up w some quinoa.
again.... quinoa....obsessed.
(ps the only good thing about this picture is the hareubang in the back. so appropriate!)

as exemplified by chocolate cupcakes, simple often cannot be beat.
apples in a row and a stack of brie. nom nom.

a quick breakfast (and moooore chia seeds)
breakfast today.
dry-curry red lentils w chia seeds. 
vitamin flood much needed during final exams!!

and i am never sure how to conclude........out.