Tuesday, April 24, 2012

language of love

hello tuna straight up died.

actually i (for a few wks) attempted to start another one, 
an attempt to cast off the putrid tuna carcass...
only to realize the domain name wasn't the issue....
liberation never came.

this year has been the most difficult for me in so many ways...
so many unique challenges.
my energy, though not exactly diminished, was certainly redirected
(and still is)


i want so badly to give this another go
i owe it to my reader(s??), my family, and my friends.
mostly to myself though.
i may have let myself down in alot of other ways, 
but i'm sure as f*** not about to let this too fall and be forgotten.


a large variety of pictures from which to choose, from the past several months....
i'll share just a few today.

spicy bloody marys w bacon
this mix was ...well...THE mix.
garlic, onion, celery, horseradish, worcestershire, hot peppers, tabasco, lime, bacon fat.....

shared with my dad on easter sunday.
he came into the kitchen during this process..."why is it taking so long??" (half joking)
i smiled, tried to finish quickly
i worked to nuance every flavor...vegetal, smoky, sweet.
i wanted him to enjoy a great drink.

i don't know how else to explain. 
but seeing my dad enjoy this drink made me so genuinely happy.
love can be expressed so many ways, even by way of a cocktail.


the simplest things.. the best things.
back to the basics
(back to matrix, matrix....)
thomas keller's roast chicken.."mon poulet roti"
(adapted from the bouchon cookbook)

  • one 2-3 lb chicken
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • several springs thyme

preheat oven to 450 F.
rinse chicken, dry w paper towels inside and out.
salt/pepper cavity, and truss.
salt/pepper outside
place chicken in roasting pan, and then into oven.
roast 50 to 60 minutes (until done).
remove from oven, add thyme to juices in pan.
baste chicken w juices, then let rest 15 min.
if this post seems a bit down, the mind indeed weighs heavy
but that isn't necessarily a bad thing..rather a prelude to growth.
love you all, thank you for being so patient.

“It’s about the end of an era and the beginning of another. We know how one era ended, now we’re watching to see how the new one begins....
..I am optimistic to a certain extent, but I feel as though a lot (of the songs on the record) are about desperate times and different issues we’re facing, and just chaos and confusion.

- Billie Joe Armstrong, 
on ending Green Day's five year recording hiatus.